Participating in missions is one of the best ways to encourage spiritual growth. We strive to bring the good news of our Savior Jesus Christ to our community and to  the ends of the earth through both words and actions. A life of purpose can begin with turning a heart toward serving others.

Missions Trips

Mission trips are a great personal journey as well as an important necessity to the communities of other countries where people are in great need of the Gospel. 

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MISSIONARy newsletters

Because of your faithful monthly giving, First Assembly is able to support over 70 missionaries. Some of these missionaries are listed below. If you would like to learn more about our missionaries, please click their name.

Dave & Debbie Amsler (Guatemala)

Alabama Teen Challenge

Tom & Phyllis Benigas (Fellowship of European International Churches)

Johnny & Clarice Brown (FAM International)

Austin & Shanda Brown (Germany)

Huldah Buntain (Calcutta, India)

Jeff & Beverly Carroll (Canary Islands)

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

Ron & Eileen Clouse (Native Americans)

Alice Collins (Native Americans)

Tommy & Barbara Davis (Alaska) 

Jesslyn Duren (Missionary Associate - Honduras)

Josh & Katie Ellen (Chi Alpha Campus Ministries)

Laurel Ellis (Chile)

Steve & Tece Entsminger (Spain)

Cecil & Tonya Eshelman (Russia)

Justin & Joy Felch (Chi Alpha - Troy University)

Shelby Fulcher (Missionary Associate - Ecuador)

Jeff & Wendy Garrett (Tanzania)

Ben & Belu Grams (Argentina)

Rocky & Sherry Grams (Argentina)

Judy Graner (Colombia)

David & Beth Grant (Project Rescue)

Bill & Cheryl Gray (Metro Ministries of Mobile, Alabama)

Cody & Taylor Griggs (Missionary Associates to the Jungles of Sucúa)

Cliff & Lisa Harding (Spain)

Michael & Jennifer Harris (U.S. Missions - Media & Technology)

Charles & Tammy Hasselbring (South Africa)

Gary & Patty Heiney (Latin America)

Larry & Melinda Henderson (Austria)

Ricky & Carol Hendon (Peru)

Bob Hoskins (OneHope)

Josh & Beka Jones (Italy)

Keith & Christi Jones (Malaga, Spain)

Tim & Marcia Jones (Missionary Church Planters)

Ryan & Caitlyn Jordan (Colombia)

Monica Largess (Austria)

Cynthia Lucas (Paraguay)

Nelson & Amy Lugo (Panama)

Ron & Penny Maddux (Northern Asia)

Joil & Leah Marbut (Ecuador)

Jon & DeDe McCluey (Colombia)

Seth & Kaitlin McDonald (Ecuador)

Tom & Marla McLane (Senegal) 

Elisabeth Nichols (Senegal)

Kellie Norris (El Salvador)

Jennifer Pasquale (Italy)

Joe Phillips (Joe Phillips Ministries)

Ron & Terri Pitts (Global University)

Joie Puckett (Chi Alpha Campus Ministries)

Susan Ricketts (Japan)

Matt & Ashley Richardson (Ecuador)

Steve & Dawn Robertson (Canary Islands)

Ben & Terra Russell (Youth Alive - Alabama)

Richard & Dana Skinner (Chi Alpha - Troy University)

Pete & Angie Spackman (Adullam House)

Bob & Joyce Stephens (Missionaries to Alaska & Alaska Correctional System)

Bill & Mary Strickland (Honduras)

Janice Sullivan (Native Americans)

Joel & Kristen Temple (France)

Paul & Caryl Weingartner (Center for the Blind, Springfield, Missouri)

Jim & Linda Wellborn (Builders International MAPS Construction)

Jonathan & Michelle Wellborn (Argentina)

Justin & Sarah White (Romania)

David & Pam Wimpee (Alabama District Children's Missionaries)

Mitch & Tammy Wollner (Asia Pacific)

Craig & April Woodham (Chi Alpha - Auburn University)